Safety Bollards

A versatile and flexible way of restricting vehicular access while allowing pedestrians and cyclists to move freely.

  • Manual and automatic bollards
  • Residential and commercial bollards
  • Anti-ram raid bollards

Bollards are a simple, cost-effective way of ensuring high levels of security for residential, public and commercial properties, protecting against ram-raiding and known to deter criminals.

Bollards can be used together to protect pedestrianized areas or singly to protect premises from ram-raiding. Depending on the location, bollards can be fixed or rising. They are invaluable where security is vital but space is tight.

Rising bollards ensure that vehicular access is possible at certain times – for example, to enable the emergency services to access your property or to allow deliveries. Rising bollards can be automatically or manually operated.

Manual bollards are operated with a key and are an economical solution for installation on an existing road. They prevent unauthorised parking very efficiently.
Installing automatic bollards is more complicated as they need a power supply and they work on a hydraulic system. Our range includes automatic bollards with lights that flash during operation.

Windlesham Gates provides a comprehensive design, planning and installation service, carried out by our experience, professional engineers. We also maintain and service existing bollards.