Gate Servicing and Maintenance

Your gates represent a significant investment and should be regularly serviced and maintained by a professional engineer. Poorly maintained gates do not just become unreliable – they can also become unsafe. 

"Powered door and gate safety are not just about the individual components making up the product, but about the way, they are combined together to fit a particular set of circumstances, and what is done over time to maintain safety.

At all times a powered gate must respond in a safe way when any person interacts with it. Its design must take into account that foreseeable interactions may go well beyond normal use (eg children playing around or with/on the powered gate), as well as normal wear and tear, and adverse environmental influences, particular wind and rain/snow and other debris that can impair function." - HSE Health and Safety Executive 

We provide annual gate servicing and maintenance for all automated electric gate systems... 
whether we install them or not.

An initial inspection of your gate will:

  • check that the torque is set to the manufacturer’s recommended safety levels;
  • check and fill the lubrication as necessary;
  • check and lubricate the arm fixing;
  • check underground foundation box and drainage;
  • check all the welds for potential fractures;
  • check the electronic control box seal for leaks.

Contact us today and see how our gate maintenance contract could keep your electric gates functioning for years to come.

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