Aluminium Gates

If you are looking for lightweight, sturdy automatic gates that require a minimum of maintenance then aluminium could be the answer. We have a large range of high-quality and lightweight aluminium gates to choose from that will not rust or twist over time. Our extruded aluminium gates are of the highest quality – engineered and designed to give you years of reliable service.

Unlike steel, aluminium gates come in a variety of forms that can be easily customised to fit your property's landscape. Aluminium gates and fencing in this form can be modified to respond to changes in hillslope and maintain a consistent appearance.

Quality aluminium gates give your property elegance and security​ and are built to last.

We design and make our gates at a local factory, ensuring that our exacting standards are met at all times. Aluminium gates do not rust or rot and will continue to look great over a long period of time.

Aluminium gates can be constructed to resemble wooden gates, or given a modern, contemporary look. They suit a wide range of environments. Our experienced designers will be able to advise you on aluminium’s suitability for your project and help you to choose from a large range of RAL colours available.

Aluminium Sliding Gates

The main advantage of choosing and installing a sliding aluminium gate is if your driveway or entrance slopes. If you chose to install a swing gate with a sloping driveway the gate could scrape on the driveway when opening. Compared to other materials like wood or iron, aluminium gates are light and strong, and will not warp over time requiring minimal maintenance.

Low Maintenance and Excellent Security

If you are looking for a gate for your property that is low maintenance but provides excellent security benefits then our range of aluminium gates may be what you are looking for. With design options including woodgrain effect finishes, aluminium gates can make a great alternative to wood.

Constructed from a lightweight and strong material, aluminium gates will add security to your driveway and offer a secure alternative to metal or wood.

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