Do electric gates need planning permission?

When adding a new electric gate to your property is it is always advisable to consult with your Local Council; however, simply automating an existing gate should not require planning. 

Are electric gates legislated?

At all times a powered gate must respond in a safe way when any person interacts with it. All our gates adhere to current HSE guidelines and carry the CE mark. 

Do electric gates require professional installation:

Definitely, Windlesham Gates use professional engineers with many years of expertise, leaving our clients happy in the knowledge that their gates are safe, secure and reliable.

What upkeep is required for electric gates:

Annual routine maintenance service provided by Windlesham Gates ensures longevity reliability and prime performance from your gates. For Commercial and multi-user gates 6 monthly routine maintenance is recommended.

How reliable are electric gates:

Very reliable, our maintenance contracts support your gates reliability.

How do I know what type of gates to choose:

This comes down to personal choice, please refer to our portfolio for inspiration also our sections on wooden and metal gates.

Should I choose soft or hardwood wooden gates:

We only use hardwood for our wooden gates due to its superiority and more robust nature.

I have an idea of what I require with regards to electric gates but unsure as to its feasibility:

No problems we can arrange an onsite visit/survey to discuss your requirements. We can go over the options available to you to achieve your wishes and provide you with a no-obligation quote.

Is it possible to automate my existing manual gates:

We are able to do this subject to a few questions such as the condition of your gates and available space to take the automation machinery. Contact us for further assistance.

Are your gates imported:

No they are all British manufactured ensuring consistently high standards.

Do you subcontract your contracts:

We have a permanent professional team of engineers enabling us to provide you with an extremely high-quality service.

What guarantees do you offer:

We offer 2 years on all our new installations.

What is the timeline for installation of electric gates:

This varies but generally once a quote has been accepted and a deposit paid we will on an agreed date commence with the first fix, covering groundworks pillars and posts. Final measurements for the gates are also taken at this stage. The gates are then made to order. Phase two consists of the motors and electrics being fitted. In the final stage, your gates are fitted and motors are tested. Throughout the installation, we will always make sure you are kept informed and are happy with the works.

How will my electric gates work:

This will depend on your preference, for example, radio remote control key fobs, intercoms with numerated keypads and internal release buttons or GSM telephone systems. Please contact us for advice on any of the above.

Can I open my gates without exiting my car:

Certainly, remote controls function perfectly inside your car and it remains a predominant factor in the desire for electric gates.

Do you install post boxes:

Yes we can provide and install a post box externally to your gates if required.

Can you automate my existing garage door:

Yes, subject to a site survey.

Can you fit fencing to complement electric gates:

We often fit panels of fencing and in many cases fence in complete areas providing additional security with the electric gates.