Access Control Systems

Ideal for private homes, exclusive developments and business premises, our Videx access control gates give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing only those with permission can enter. Access control gates give additional security, reduce nuisance calls from salespeople and others, and can increase the value of your property.

Tag systems

A tag in your car alerts the control equipment to your approach and will automatically open your gates. This is a hands-free system so there’s no need to stop and open the gate, as you would with a conventional remote control. You can provide other residents and regular visitors with tags, but will need to let occasional callers in using a traditional entry system.

Audio Intercoms

Visitors push a bell and someone inside the property can talk via an intercom before opening the gate remotely. Ideal for smaller homes where security is a concern.

Video Intercoms

Similar to an audio intercom, but with a camera to enable you to see who is calling.

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