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Gate safety relies on how the individual parts are combined to cater for any issues; a vehicle’s fuel is of no use if it isn’t directed to the right components and the same applies to the workings of electric gates. Responding to interactions that may not be the ‘norm’ and coping with the elements such as wind and rain must be thought about in its design.
Driveway gates have to be properly maintained to ensure security and privacy. Keeping them functioning to their full capacity is paramount to protect both residential or commercial properties. They are a significant investment and poorly maintained gates become unreliable and unsafe.
Electric gate openers are an ideal solution for a long driveway, avoiding the need to leave your vehicle to open the gate, return to drive through and then out again to close! A great selling feature for the property too. With the majority of burglaries/intruder reports taking place due to the lack of security, you want a fully-functioning product with longevity and reliability.