Accoya Electric Swing Gates & Brickwork - Surrey

The Project:

The customer contacted us through the website. They requested a quotation to remove their existing gates and fencing and replace with brickwork and an Accoya swing gate.

The project would include the construction of two new brick piers including finial balls and bases with a stringcourse at low level. The brick piers and wall would also be fitted with up and down lights and a house name sign.
The client choose the Raise and Field design for the swing gates painted in black. Accoya wood is non-toxic, 100% recyclable and for us, the most requested material when it comes to hardwood gates.
The gates would be powered by 2 BFT ELI 240V underground motors. These motors are completely sealed and fully waterproof. By ensuring sufficient drainage is in place these motors can last for many years.


The project took place over a course of six days.

“I really enjoy projects such as these. Although there is a lot for our team to complete its is always a pleasure to see the transformation come together and how happy the client is with the same. Our clients knew exactly how they wanted the gates and brickwork to look and we created this vision with them from the initial drawing to the final product."  Lee Hilton, Windlesham Gates
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